The world is a very busy place. We are always on the go, answering emails, making calls and checking social media. If you find yourself on your phone all day, maybe its time for a digital detox. Escape your busy life with a day offline in Ostend. Our colourful and character-filled city is the ideal place to switch off and relax. If you’re looking for inspiration on what to do in Ostend, keep reading for our highlights.

Visit the Beach

If you have never visited before, one of the first things you’ll notice is the huge beach we have stretching along the Belgian coast. Our beach is white sand and is very well-maintained all year round, making it fantastic for sports, walking and family outings. You can choose to visit the busier beach, near the Koninklijke Gaanderijen or we recommend walking further past the jetty to the quieter, more tranquil part of the beach for some peace and quiet. The beach is lined with cafes, restaurants and terraces, in case you fancy dining al-fresco.

Take in some culture

While visiting Ostend, take in some culture. Docked in the Marina is the Mercator, a 1930’s ship which is now used as a floating museum. This hugely impressive ship was once very active, making 54 voyages in its 30-years of travel. It has been docked since 1964 and has been dubbed ‘The Pearl in Ostend’s crown’. On board, you can learn about the ship’s history and voyages, including its most famous trip, repatriating the remains of a famed Flemish missionary, Pater Damiaan. It’s a real must-sea (sorry!)

Street Art

Another thing you’ll notice when walking around the city is the abundance of street art. We love the colour and character the art brings to the otherwise grey buildings and streets. Unknown and world-renowned artists have come together to create fascinating wall-sized murals and huge art installations. When combined, these make up ‘The Crystal Ship’ Europes biggest art festival. You can go old school and buy a guidebook to follow the maps inside making sure you see the best of the art along the way. It will also give you additional information about the art and artists so you know exactly what you are looking at.

Flemish Food

Finish off your visit to Ostend with some traditional food. As you can imagine, being a coastal town, fish and seafood are a huge part of our culinary offering. Visit a real no-nonsense Belgian bistro in the centre of the city called Belle De Jour, for European dishes with the chefs signature fusion style. The menu is written on blackboards and changes very often, along with the chef’s inspiration and the seasonal produce available on the day.

How ever you choose to spend your day offline in Ostend, make sure your accommodation is second to none. Leopole Hotel Ostend is a well-appointed, boutique hotel which is as comfortable as it is affordable. If you would like to make a reservation, contact our friendly reservations team over the phone or online. We hope you leave Leopold Hotel Ostend, relaxed, refreshed and ready to plan your return trip.

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