There is no doubt about the popularity of Ostend, once you have explored some of what makes Ostend glorious, you might consider exploring further afield. Here are our suggestions for the best day trip destinations accessible from Ostend.

Visit Ghent

Ghent is about 40 mins away from Ostend by train and about 45 mins by car (when there is no traffic). Ghent and Bruges are cities with both a lot of historic influence and medieval buildings. Ghent is less known and less popular than Bruges. What to expect from the city? Ghent is a vibrant and charming city. You will know what to do when visiting the city, from a castle (Gravensteen) at the heart of the city to the beautiful river ‘De Leie’ (Graslei) filled with merchant- and guildhouses with plenty of places to have a drink or have dinner.

Visit Ypres

History buffs who want to remember some of Belgium's bloodiest battles of World War I should visit Ypres.From Ostend to this interesting place you will be in the car for about 50 minutes while enjoying some breathtaking views along the way. Ypres is surrounded by the battlefields of Ypres Salient. You have the chance to visit the war museums, memorials and cemeteries and relive the horrors of war.The main attractions are The German Cemetery, Langemark, St. George's Chapel and ofcourse the Menin Gate.

Visit De Haan

De Haan is unlike the other Coastal places. De Haan has no high-rise buildings and that is the most important tourist asset of this place. De Haan is only 15 minutes from Ostend, but there is not a lot of to do. If you want to enjoy a quiet day in the beautiful nature, we can certainly recommend this place to you. Get lost in the Dunes or in the avenues full of white villas.

After a day outside the city borders of Ostend, you will be happy to be back in this bruising city. There are so many things to do like for example shopping, there a lot of good restaurants and you can always start and end your day with the most beautiful view of Belgium: our sea.

Do not hesitate to ask our reception team for things to do, places to go to in the neighborhood! We at Leopold Hotel Ostend will be happy to help you! Discover our packages to upgrade your stay.

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