Are you planning a trip to our wonderful city? If so, you’ll probably have lots of questions about what to do here, how to get around and where to find the best shopping. Instead of spending hours Googling the answers, we’ve put together a short but informative blog of the most frequently asked questions about Ostend. If you don’t find the answer to your question, don’t be afraid to ask our friendly staff who are always happy to help.

Ostend’s population

Ostend’s population is a very small percentage (0.6%) of Belgium’s overall population of 11.76 million. Our approximate population from 2019 is 71,500, up only marginally from the 2010 figure of 69,000. Typically, our ratio of male & female residents is a fairly even 1:1 and our most highly populated age group is our 50-80 year olds, meaning we have a lot of life experience and stories to tell. The overwhelming nationality of our residents is Belgian, with a small percentage of other EU, Asians and Africans.

Ostend Shopping

We are lucky to have many pedestrianised shopping streets here, making us a shopper’s paradise. You’ll find all of your usual high-street favourites like H&M and Zara dotted along the busy streets, but you’ll also find an array of boutique and independent stores selling higher quality and more unique goods of all descriptions. Unlike other Belgian cities, you can shop in Ostend on a Sunday, meaning you can spend your Saturday exploring our main attractions. The best way to discover Ostend’s hidden boutiques is to get lost on our streets and find them for yourself.

Weather in Ostend

The weather in Ostend is typical of Belgium. We have cool, wet winters and warm, mostly dry summers. The highest temperatures we usually expect in summer is around 21°C and in winter the temperature is low, but it’s rare for it to drop below zero. Winter tends to be quite long, with the cool weather stretching well into April. The weather is changeable however, so it is advised to carry a warm top layer and a small umbrella no matter when you visit. Check the forecast and pack appropriately for your trip, depending on the season. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes, you’ll likely enjoy a lot of walking to see the sights.

How to get here

Travelling to Belgium is very accessible with most main international airports serviced by Brussels airport, just over an hour’s drive or two hours by train from Leopold Hotel Ostend. The closest airport to us is Ostend–Bruges International Airport, which is just a short ride from the city centre by car. If you are travelling to Ostend by public transport, you can enjoy a bus journey, a coastal tram ride or our biggest train station is in the centre of town.

Good coffee in Ostend

One of the most important things about any visit to a lot of people is where to get their morning fix! For the best coffee in Ostend, we recommend you head to De Familie Jansen, the country’s best coffee bar. Far from your typical coffee shop, the staff here combine their excellent knowledge and friendly service to ensure every single cup is perfect. Best of all it’s just a short walk from your Ostend Hotel.

Ostend Beach/ Ostend Beach Festival

Ostend Beach is one of the most impressive beaches in Belgium and home to a very popular musicfestival in July each year. The beach is clean, safe and very beautiful, especially if you visit at sunrise or sunset. In the summer months, you can enjoy a warm day of sunbathing with family or friends under the watchful eye of our lifeguards. In winter the white sands are ideal for a chilly walk. The beach is definitely one of our main attractions and we are proud to maintain it to a very high standard.

We hope we have answered some of your questions about our gorgeous city. If not, our friendly staff may be able to help. If you’re planning a trip to Ostend, make sure your accommodation is as excellent as the city. Our 3* boutique hotel is located in the city centre close to the beach and the Casino Kursaal. You’ll be guaranteed our best available rates and access to our exclusive special offers when you book directly on our website.

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