The world is a very busy place. We are always on the go, answering emails, making calls and checking social media. If you find yourself on your phone all day, maybe its time for a digital detox. Escape your busy life with a day offline in Ostend. Our colourful and character-filled city is the ideal place to switch off and relax. If you’re looking for inspiration on what to do in Ostend, keep reading for our highlights.
Visit the Beach If you have never visited before, one of t...

The holidays are the perfect period to go shopping in Ostend with your girlfriends. Enjoy the beautiful Christmas decorations in the streets while doing the best thing in the world: shopping. Don’t like wrapping all those gifts? We have the perfect solution: the gift wrapping bar at the ‘Festival and Culture Palace’.
Gift wrapping bar
Ladies get your gifts wrapped at the Gift wrapping bar in the Festival and Culture Palace during the Christmas period! The wrapping specialist...

Do you want to spend an exciting, fun vacation with your kids in Ostend? There are so many year-round activities to keep you and the kids happy and active this summer and beyond. Here are our picks of the best, suitable for kids of all ages.
The Beach An old favourite where ever you are, the beach is an ideal day out in good weather. The beautiful white sandy beaches of Ostend will afford you plent...

It’s always nice when you are going on a trip and you can say some phrases in the language of the country/region. Leopold Hotel Ostend is situated in Flanders so the main language is Dutch, Flemish. We have listed some sentences to start a very basic conversation.
Greeting people in their own language is a good way to start a conversation. When you want to greet someone in the morning you can say ‘Goedemorgen’ (= Goodmorning). The pronounciation is ‘khoo-duh-mawr-gh...


On Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 June, Ostend chefs once again get creative with fish and shellfish from the North Sea.
A gastronomic top event for all gourmets, both young and old!
Saturday from 11 am to 9 pm
Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm
Dishes cost 6 EUR per plate.


Beaufort is a cultural tourist project along the Be...